Airbuds Ambassador

We’re hiring ambassadors!

Airbuds is the new, fastest-growing social music app. Join our team of ambassadors to spread the word by throwing parties, hosting concerts and other creative activations.
Build your resume and get paid by bringing your campus together through music.

Friends’ music on your homescreen

The new music widget to snoop on your friends listening activity and get weekly stats.
Airbuds seamlessly integrates your favorite streaming services: Spotify and Apple Music.
React to songs, play music on the feed, and start a conversation.
Get your personalized
Weekly Recap every week
Explore Friends
Music Profiles

Why join Airbuds

Bring your campus together through music. 
Host parties and music related events, pitch and execute creative activations, manage a marketing budget and create content on social media.
Learn from a team of experienced entrepreneurs and content creators.
Earn experience that will be impactful on your resume.
Get paid.
Airbuds is backed by some of the best investors who invested early on in Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest.